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We are Himalayan Salt Lamp exporters, offering authentic Himalayan Salt products from Pakistan. As the product is exclusively available in Pakistan and neighboring sub-continent regions. Whether there is a requirement for Himalayan Salt Blocks, Himalayan Salt Inhalers, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Animal Salt Licks or any other Himalayan Salt Product, We've got it all. We have handpicked the most talented craftsmen and brought them on board so feel free to reach out if you have any special requests for manufacturing any Himalayan Salt Product


As being one among top Himalayan Salt Products manufacturers, we've managed to bring the most experienced craftsmen on board. Also, we understand the timelines and supply chain as being a team of fanatics who have years of experience in maintaining the supply chain industry. Which enables us to quickly turn-around the manufacturing requests for our clients


As being in International Trade business, it is crucial for us to understand the dynamics of International Markets, Our export team members keep their knowledge up-to-date and make sure to provide the most optimum export solution by keeping clients' requirements strictly in view. As being in the export business of Himalayan Salt Products, we ensure that our clients get the best out of products and shipping experience for their retail customers.

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Phone: +92 321 4281518
Address: SumRaf International Pvt Ltd
Office # 5, 3rd Floor, Al Hafeez Suites, Block B-2
Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
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