Geometrical Shape Salt Lamps

Carved Shapes

Crafted Shape Lamps

We craft and manufacture all sizes and shapes of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Salt Lamp Bowl
Pyramid Salt Lamp
Cube Salt Lamp
Tear Drop Salt Lamp
Oval Shape Salt Lamp
Leaf Shape Salt Lamp
Globe Shape Salt Lamp
Oval Shape Salt Lamp
Heart Shape Salt Lamp
Cylinder Shape Salt Lamp
Curved Pillar Salt Lamp
Cross Shape Salt Lamp | SumRaf
Moon Shape Salt Lamp | SumRaf
Star Shape Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps Packaging Details

SumRaf International Pvt Ltd. manufacture and export all unique and highly in demand shapes of Himalayan Salt Lamps. We have categorized the Himalayan Salt Lamps on the basis of their size and weight they carry. We use the bases of Himalayan Salt Lamps made of wood which gives it an exceptional look while maintaining the durability of the Salt Lamps. To make it easy to understand for the importers/wholesalers, here is a detailed packaging list.

Product WeightPacking
Mini Natural Salt Lamps1-2KG8 pcs
Small Natural Salt Lamps2-3KG6 pcs
Medium Natural Salt Lamps3-4KG6 pcs
Large Natural Salt Lamps4-6KG4 pcs
Medium Large Natural Salt Lamps6-10KG2 pcs
Extra Large Natural Salt Lamps10-15KG2 pcs
Product WeightPacking
Pyramid Shape Salt Lamp2-4KG4 pcs
Feng Shui Shape Salt Lamp3-4KG6 pcs
Sphere Shaped Salt Lamps3-4KG4 pcs
Cylinder Shaped Salt Lamps2-4KG6 pcs
Tear Drop Shaped Salt Lamp2-4KG6 pcs
Obelisk Shape Salt Lamp2-3KG6 pcs
Heart Shape Salt Lamp2-3KG6 pcs
Product WeightPacking
Owl Shape Salt Lamp2-4KG4 pcs
Swan Shape Salt Lamp3-4KG6 pcs
Camel Shaped Salt Lamps3-4KG4 pcs
Horse Shaped Salt Lamps2-4KG6 pcs
Cat Shaped Salt Lamp2-4KG6 pcs
Turtle Shaped Salt Lamp2-3KG6 pcs
Fish Shaped Salt Lamp2-3KG6 pcs
Product WeightPacking
Crescent Shape Salt Lamp3-4KG6 pcs
Cross Shaped Salt Lamp3-4KG6 pcs
Angel Shaped Salt Lamps3-4KG6 pcs
Star Shaped Salt Lamps3-4KG6 pcs

On-Demand Services:

- Cutomized Sizes and Shapes
- Customized Packaging
- Private Labels/Branding
- Wooden or Marbel bases are available

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