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Besides Himalayan Salt Lamps, We also manufacture and export various products including famous Himalayan Salt Massage Stones

Take a look at our products list of Massage Stones that are highly in demand across the Globe.

Round Salt

Himalayan Salt Massage Stones Packaging Details

SumRaf International Pvt Ltd. manufacture and export all unique and highly in demand shapes of Himalayan Salt Massage Stones. To make it easy to understand for the importers/wholesalers, here is a detailed packaging list.

Product WeightProduct DimensionsPacking
Deo Stick150Gr9x3cm60pcs
Soap - Cake Shape200Gr3.1x9cm60pcs
Soap - Heart Shape150Gr4x5cm100pcs
Soap - Oval Shape160Gr4x5cm100pcs
Salt Balls30Gr30x30mm100pcs
Salt Balls190Gr50x50mm100pcs

On-Demand Services:

- Cutomized Sizes and Shapes
- Customized Packaging
- Private Labels/Branding

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