Our Process

SumRaf International Pvt Ltd. has adapted the best industrial practices to ensure that whatever our clients are getting, is quality and precision. We've handpicked the best resources from all over Pakistan to ensure the quality of products.

Our Process in Detail

Raw Material

We first secure the finest raw material by hand picking the chunks direct from Khewra, Pakistan. Once the raw material selection is done, then we shift it to our facility in Lahore, Pakistan.


This is the crucial part once raw material is procured. We take that raw material to our facility and wash it before processing any further.


Once the washing process finishes, we then soak the salt chunks through a very sophesticated process in order to proceed further.

Quality Control Process

Before proceeding any further, at this point, we ensure that the material is up-to-mark and ready to go into production process. Then we assign only the qualitative batch into the production.

Crushing process of Himalayan Salt

Once our production is scheduled to kick off, then we start with the crushing as per clients' requirement.


Once the production process completes, We do the packaging .

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