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Himalayan Salt - How Beneficial for Cattles it is.

The best way to boost efficiency for cattle and cows can be achieved with Himalayan salt. Pink rock salt helps in increasing saliva flow which eventually increases rumen ph. Sodium chloride is a vital element for animals but plants it does not require that. the health of cattle greatly improves when they consume the rock salt.

Trials have been conducted in New Zealand suggested:

“Excellent milk production responses to salt supplementation of animals grazing Lucerne have been obtained. A 12.8% response in milk yield to supplementation with salt was achieved in this trial."

Typically a cow requires 10KG of Pink Salt around a year for healthy consumption and it cost around $0.80 to $0.95 for animal per month. This unique rock salt is a great energy booster for your castles and provides them with the minerals that they are missing. unlike molasses licks, castles will only lick the Himalayan salt when they require or crave for it. It will provide the following benefits to your animals:

- Helps in milk yield increase
- Reduction in cud ball
- Stopping animals to drinking their urine
- Consumption of rock salt helps in balancing sodium/potassium ration
- Helps with hardening the animal hooves
- Reduction of frothy bloat risk
- Boost fertility cycle

There are more than 80 mineral traces that are found in Himalayan Pink Salt and it has been proven to have maximum benefits for animals.

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