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Using Himalayan Salt Slabs for Cooking

Himalayan Salt Plates, Slabs, Bricks, and Blocks are natural and organic cooking ware and serving platter having a variety of health and organic benefits which is making it a lot more popular. It is indeed one of the best organic solutions to cook/grill meat slices, fish, briskets, and vegetables.

If you are planning to invite over your friends and family for a BBQ, it will be indeed one of the finest things you could serve them the food on.

Cooking on Himalayan Salt Slabs

Himalayan Salt Block isn’t typical kitchenware to cook your food on. It has immense efficiency to cook but the process of cooking may be slower than traditional cookware. Slabs may damage if applied heat quickly because of the moisture that is trapped inside. Here are a few suggestions about how you can have the benefits of using Himalayan Salt Blocks and Slabs for cooking.

To Serve Food with Himalayan Salt Blocks

Slabs made of Himalayan Salt are indeed the perfect form of serving platters. When the food is a bit moist, it will pick an exceptional salty flavor.

The Effects of Himalayan Salt Block/Slab on Food

Serving food on Himalayan Salt Blocks will add an exception light hint of pink salt in your food while your food will absorb good minerals from the slab which is known for having an extremely positive impact on health.

Cooking Food on Himalayan Salt Slabs

Imagine the benefits of cooking food on a slab that is there for over 250 million years, made of pure minerals. While adding exceptional salty hint into your food, it also provides immense nutritional benefits to your food. The recommended temperature for cooking on Himalayan Salt Slab is as high as 450 Degrees F. Once done cooking, it will eventually return to room temperature for future use.

Cleaning Procedure for Himalayan Salt Block

Once done with cooking or serving, you can simply wipe it clean with a paper towel or a damp cloth which will aid in removing remaining food bits on the slab. It is highly NOT RECOMMENDED to submerge underwater or use water over the Himalayan Salt Slab as it will the moisture in the slab which could cause breakage upon heating. Make sure after use, at least for 24 hours, let the slab be dry.

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